Kaja_8 BWKarolina McMurray

Intuitive Body Work and Healing Practitioner

Karolina is an intuitive healing practitioner providing massage treatments, holistic body work and healing for her clients. Karolina first became interested in massage after completing her Esthetic and Spa Therapy Program at the start of her career. What started as a curiosity soon became a passion for Karolina and she immersed herself in learning the practice of healing through massage via classes, books, self-study and apprenticeships. Karolina started her practice in 2002 and since then has expanded to incorporate new types of treatments including holistic body work.

Karolina is trained in a variety of techniques including Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Raindrop Aromatherapy, Reiki, Inner Resonance and Rebirthing breath work. She is also trained as a Hatha Yoga instructor.

Karolina has developed her unique approach by encompassing long-term studies and experience. Each treatment is guided by her use of Universal Healing Energy and she designs each session and healing bodywork unique to each individual’s needs while paying close attention to the mind, body and health connection. Karolina’s unique method to healing includes a combination of massage, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Aroma Treatment, providing her clients with a greater mind-body-health connection.

Some clients experience Karolina’s treatments as relaxing or balance restoring, for others it is about removing blocks or initiating inner healing that often lasts long after treatment. If needed, Karolina continues working on patients remotely after they leave – in the evening or even days later.

In addition to her practice Karolina provided massage and Energy Therapy for a drug and alcohol recovery centre and has taught Hatha and children’s yoga. Karolina enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through her many seminars on topics including “Evolution of the Soul” and “Chakra Connections to our Emotions and Physical Health.”

Karolina believes that there is a healing source and inner light within all individuals and her mission is to ignite that inner light in every person she touches. In each session she initiates inner healing so the body can repair itself, or simply make her clients feel relaxed and renewed. In her spare time Karolina can be seen gardening or using her creative juices to paint and draw.


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