Karolina was always able to massage our aches and pains away.Her professional but friendly approach and a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere she created at her studio, made our visit an unforgettable rejuvenating experience.
- Frank & Renka Jalsovsky http://www.discoveryfinearts.com/

As a regular client of Karolina’s sensitive and experienced treatment, I can highly recommend her relaxing & rejuvenating massages complete with aromatherapy. It is a pleasurable experience that will just make you feel darn good!
- Christie Grace http://www.christiegracemusic.com/

Karolina, our session on Wed was truly Transformational for me. A gift which goes beyond words. Thank you so much – for everything – ! Much love to you all, & see you soon,
- Corbin Keep  http://www.wildcellist.com/

Massage is a very personal thing. If you wish to be a piece of meat in someone’s hand and have an utilitarian massage, then look elsewhere. Karolina’s approach is far from the ordinary and you will feel your whole being pampered – the tight sore muscles as well as the tired soul. Thanks to the Karolina’s long time expertise as a healing therapist you truly will have a wonderful experience!
- Vendula Ralkova http://www.vendularalkova.com/

Karolina’s intuitive healing touch always resets my body back to normal and all aches and pains are massaged away. I can highly recommend her massages which are a unique mix of intuitive energy work, aromatherapy and healing touch. You really have to try it to know what I’m talking about.
- Joe A

I have been getting massages from Karolina over the years and have always enjoyed her gentle spirit and adept healing hands.  She makes you feel completely at home and relaxed.  I would recommend her massage for any one wanting to feel better all over!
- Louise E.

I went to see Karolina after a long and busy day at work. The environment was very cozy, comfortable and calming and I instantly felt like I was in good hands. The whole experience was absolutely amazing. Karolina was very professional and I felt like a brand new person after my massage. It was incredibly relaxing, soothing and I didn’t want it to end. I will be back for sure and highly recommend such a wonderful experience
- Jana K.

Karolina is kind, gently strong and really does possess healing hands.
- Heather Haley  http://heatherhaley.com/

I tried the holistic massage. Karolina was great. Her space is warm and cozy, and she seemed to just know exactly how much pressure to use. I got to pick which essential oils were used, which was great because then I ended up smelling like something I liked. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and would definitely recommend her to my friends.           – Asch G.

Thank you so much for your healing touch.  It was amazing.  Look forward to my next massage.
- Nancy